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Let’s support Luke Dashir (one of the top ten Bitcoin contributers) to allow him to continue his work with a universal basic income : Bitcoin

Yesterday on New York Bitcoindevs meetup in the discussion about the recent inflation bug Matt Corallo stated that many people would be happy to hire talented open source developer to improve the future development of bitcoin.

Luke Dashjr came forward stating that:

I’m now at 8 months with no success in finding new funding for my work on Bitcoin (and have as a result had to redirect more attention toward paid work, and less on Bitcoin itself).

In the discussion following up people encouraged people like him and me* to to set a patreon page. Luke actually set up the patreon page (see here for a proof of authenticity)

Luke is currently the#9 contributer to bitcoin (by counting his +300 contributions). And one can clearly see that the amounts of countributions declined in recent months.

Luke also provied a Bicoin address: 19BFaR2QsQsYr8qxFtt1izc3rErvWntkwT

Own opinion (being a developer): Realizing that a developer with Luke’s skill set could probably easily score a 10k USD monthly paycheck we can imagine how much he contributed to bitcoin over the last years! So I hope the community will show gratitude especially for a person that already proofed to provide so much great work.

—– footnote

* Personally I am very lucky and grateful that fulmo lightning (the organizer of the lightning hackdays) is sponsoring my open source activities. It does not compare to a developers paycheck but I can survive on it and do what I think is important for lightning so I am fine.

** * Dashjr (can’t edit the headline!)

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