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What are the advantages of WEWE Global virtual token?

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being spoken of as having the potential to be adopted by the world as money used on a daily basis. This will only be possible if there is literacy in this regard. Just over 2% of the world’s population has used cryptocurrencies at least once. As long as the number of people using them is so limited, mass adoption will not be possible.

It must be clear that cryptocurrencies are a useful tool in life. Here is where WEWE Global has the objective of making the use of cryptocurrencies simple, thanks to a platform of services accessible in cryptocurrency, with the virtual token WEWE, which will also be an app with the target of 40 services in the future. This will be possible because the proposal itself does not only deal with cryptocurrencies, but has an entire range of services, even some unrelated to cryptocurrencies, that people will require, for such services as online shopping and savings on travel reservations. All high demand services will be combined in the crypto world.

With a platform that intermediates between pro-crypto services and products, the logical aim of WEWE Global is to be like a portal that gives access to dozens of services from partner companies that approve and favor the use of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Someone who wants to use their cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange will find the right place in WEWE Global. They can simply use a single log-in and have multiple services at their disposal. The number of services will grow over time, because the WEWE Global community is growing. More public, more demand!

WEWE virtual token inside the ecosystem

WEWE Global created the WEWE virtual token to make a difference. This virtual token is essential when purchasing advertised services in the WEWE Global ecosystem. The user can obtain it:

– By making purchases and getting WEWE as a cash back (the purchase can be requested in Bitcoin, and the system will allow you to convert it to WEWE automatically)

– By activating a Mobile-Node and receiving incentives for work in WEWE virtual token (Mobile-Nodes work as nodes for verifying transactions in the blockchain ledger)

– By getting commercial commissions in WEWE from invited friends who then make a purchase on the platform

Once the user has a WEWE virtual token, they can use it to make purchases and process transactions. What is the logic in using the WEWE virtual token? The more purchases the user makes, the more virtual tokens he gets to make other purchases! Furthermore, if the user then has units that they end up not using, they can transfer them to other users who need WEWE to make their own purchases.

The value of the WEWE Global increases hand in hand with its use: more users, more transactions and purchases, more value.

The use of WEWE Global services grants the opportunity to become an independent associate, invite friends to purchase services which will result in more commercial commissions as a reward, and contribute to the growth of the WEWE Global project. As the userbase grows, companies will become more interested and promote the platform. And independent associates will get WEWE as a reward for their business, which will allow them to use WEWE Global services practically for free!

Visit the WEWE Global website to take a first look at what this opportunity is. One place for all your needs and where you can pay with your cryptocurrencies.

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